Ultra small packages for LDO and DC/DC Step-Down converter available

The packages are small BGA modules with a size of 1.25x0.88mm for the LDO and 1.25 x1.06mm for the DC/DC converter. Both packages have a high of just 0.4mm. This makes them ideal for all applications where limited space is available. Available are these packages for the DC/DC converters XC9235/XC9236/XC9237, a family of 600mA DC/DC ICs. They all work with a maximum of 6 V input voltage and convert them into voltages from 0.8 to 4.0 V. Current limit and soft start is available. In the new small LDO package comes the XC6602, a 1A LDO with a possible input voltage of 0.5 to 3V.

More information:\WLP_XC6602_XC92353637_NewProductLeaflet_E.pdf

Interested? – Please contact: Johannes Kornfehl


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