...a synchronous Step Down DC/DC Converter with integrated Mosfet.

The XC9248 series is a synchronous step down DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFETs, which operate at voltages of up to 18V. A typical set-up can be seen in the illustration. With regard to the input voltage, the converter operates at values of between 4.5V and 18V and thus achieves an output current of up to 2.2A. The output voltage can be set by means of an external resistor ladder and using the internal 0.8V reference voltage. Synchronous PWM control is used as a regulation algorithm. Depending on the operating point, the converter functions at over 90% efficiency. The XC9248 also features an integrated Soft Start, with the time being set internally at 2.8ms (TYP). This time can be increased by connecting a capacitor at the SS pin. An internal UVLO function is also on board. This function disconnects the MOSFETs at the output when the input voltage falls below 3.8V (TYP). Functions such as overcurrent limitation, short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and thermal disconnection are likewise provided. The XC9248 is available in a SOP-8FD package.

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