TOREX XC9250/XC9251

30V, 2A Step-down DC/DC Converter for up to 105°C

The new XC9250/XC9251 Series is the first family of DC/DC converters from TOREX with an operational voltage of up to 30V with output current of 2A, and built-in MOSFETS.

The industrial and automotive markets impose demands which go well beyond the input voltages which are encountered in normal operation. Account has now been taken of this, and the maximum possible input voltage has been stepped up to 36V. In addition, the converters also allow for peak voltages of 46V for 400 ms at an operating ambient temperature from -40°C to +105°C. The output voltage needed can be set within a range of 1.2V to 12.0V using external resistors at a reference voltage of 0.8V. 300 kHz or 500 kHz can be selected for the switching frequency of the controller.

This frequency can also be synchronized with an external clock, which suppresses the generation of undesirable noise. Control methods are PWM control for the series XC9250 and PFM/PWM auto switching control for the XC9251 series. The soft start time can be set as desired by adding an external capacitor to the SS pin. Current limitation with thermal disconnection is standard with this control unit, and a selection can also be made between latch type or auto recovery type function. An SOP-8FD package is available.

Advantages of the XC9250/XC9251 Series: 
- Support for applications with automobile batteries and 24V inputs 
- Input voltage: Maximum value: 36V, bursts: 46V (400ms) 
- External synchronization of the pulse for the reduction of disturbance in the AM band 
- PFM control increases efficiency at light loads -> XC9251

If you are interested in these modules from TOREX, you can request a sample or demo board from CODICO.

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