TOREX XCL213/XCL214 Series

1.5A step-down "micro DC/DC" module with integrated coil

TOREX have now extended the already highly successful series of DC/DC modules with integrated coils by new types with the designation XCL213/XCL214.

The XCL213/XCL214 are super-small (2.5x3.2x 1.0mm) step-down micro DC/DC converters with integrated coils. This makes these modules the smallest DC/DC modules available on the market with 1.5A output current. This helps save space on the PCB, and also allows for development time to be saved, because a complete converter can be created by the simple addition of two external capacitors. The integrated coil ensures that the radiation to be anticipated is minimized, and no errors can occur during setup.

The input voltage is specified at 2.7V to 5.5V, while the output voltage is selectable from 0.8 to 3.6V in steps of 0.05V. The accuracy of the output voltage is ±2.0%. The controller in the module operates at a switching frequency of 3.0 MHz. As the control algorithm, PWM is used in the XCL213 and PWM/PFM with automatic switching in the XCL214. The control algorithm has been refined even further with these modules, which leads to a very good response in the event of load fluctuations.

Advantages of XCL213/XCL214:
- Fast Transient Response
- Super-small design format
- PWM/PFM Auto Switching Control (XCL214)
- Low noise

If you are interested in these modules from TOREX, feel free at any time to ask for a sample or a demo board from CODICO.

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