The BVF Precision Resistor

The BVF Precision Resistor

The new high-performance component from ISABELLENHÜTTE

With the BVF ISABELLENHÜTTE Heusler GmbH and Co. KG has developed a precision resistor that not only impresses with its unique overall size 1213 (3.1x3.3mm), but also with its extremely high load capacity and precision in use. Smaller electrically-operated applications in particular benefit from the properties of the high-performance component that ISABELLENHÜTTE has now included in its series repertoire.


With its small overall size, the BVF is currently unique on the market. The temperature coefficient of the BVF precision resistor is just under 70ppm/K. The thermal resistance is also extremely low at 10 K/W. This results in the high load capacity of the BVF of 3 watts at up to a temperature of 145°C at the contact point. Due to the sturdy design in the proven ISA-WELD® technology, the component is suitable for a temperature range from -65°C to +175°C and is therefore, above the current required limits for typical automotive applications.


Wide Range of Application Areas

The BVF is qualified according to AEC-Q200 and can be used in all automotive applications. ISABELLENHÜTTE offers the BVF, for example, for use in electric vehicles and electric scooters, but also for applications in air conditioning systems or washing machines. In general, the BVF can be used in all applications where brushless DC motors are operated. The BVF shunt sits in a module that controls such a BLDC motor. The shunt is built into power modules that control these motors. The energy efficiency of devices is becoming increasingly important. An air conditioning system, for instance, can be controlled more precisely and ensure appropriate cooling, even with less power consumption. The required torque of a washing machine can be appropriately dynamically adapted to the load during the slow washing process.


For more information, please feel free to contact Srecko Drazic.

The BVF provides the most accurate measurement results, even when used in a high-temperature environment.

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