The ECOM Module – new development from CELDUC!

ECOM is a temperature controller combined with a power semiconductor relay, which saves a lot of space and brings wiring down to

ECOM is the most compact unit on the market, containing the very latest technology for the measuring and controlling of temperatures. Plugged into a relay from the celduc® CelpacG2 series (SU or SUL range), this solution is the answer to reducing wiring, and so reducing the size of the installation.

' Temperature controller with thermocouple input (J,K,T and E thermocouples)
' Self-learning PID algorithm and integrated diagnosis
' Current monitoring up to 50A with current transformer
' Communication via RS485 /Modbus RTU (other options on enquiry)
' Pluggable unit, compatible with the SU/SUL range
' Configurable outputs for alarm, heating / cooling, universal

The precision of control is ideally suited for the requirements of a great many applications, such as, for example, extrusion, plastics injection moulding, the manufacture and shaping of glass, deep-drawing and welding of films, reflow soldering systems, professional cooking ovens, etc.

Send us your enquiry or your application details, or just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the best possible arrangement.

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