The Voltage’s Rising!

2013-11-06  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Polymer capacitors with higher voltages from RUBYCON

Because of a restricted maximum voltage, up to now, it has only been possible to exploit the advantages of polymer capacitors, such as a stable ESR over the entire temperature range, or the high ripple current carrying capacity, in comparison with low-ESR electrolytic capacitors with similar dimensions, in certain applications. 

With the development of new technologies and the right know-how in the production process, RUBYCON has been able to extend its product range by a wound type on an aluminum base, which is characterized in particular by a higher rated voltage range (25~63V).

These polymer solid-electrolyte capacitors have been developed for a target market, such as the input and output stages of DC-DC converters with a voltage range from 24~48V. Already available is a THT design format (PZA Series), and the SMD version is scheduled to follow in 2014 (PAV Series).

Brief overview:
Series PZA 10µF ~ 220µF with dimensions 6.3x8 ~ 10x13
Series PAV 22µF ~ 220µF with dimensions 8x12 ~ 10x15

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