The world’s smallest crystal oscillator (SPXO)!

KDS is working on development of the DSO1612AR, the world’s smallest crystal oscillator (SPXO), measuring 0.5mm product height in the 1612 size.

Product size reduction makes it difficult to secure wiring space in packages. To cope with this challenge, KDS minimized the number of vias and optimized wiring patterns in the package, to achieve the 1612 size. Part thickness has been reduced by employing high-precision machining technologies, to achieve a product thickness of 0.50 mm, the thinnest in the world*.

The DSO1612AR (external dimensions: 1.6mm × 1.2mm × 0.50mm), the smallest crystal oscillator in the world*, is optimally suited to high-performance electronic devices, wherein it is difficult to secure space for built-in electronic circuits. Compared with its conventional 2016 size, the volume is reduced by 58%, and the area is reduced by 40%. The downsizing makes high density packaging possible.

The DSO1612AR’s output frequency range and operational temperature range are 0.6 MHz–80 MHz and -40°C – +85°C, respectively. Phase noise characteristics have been successfully improved, while ensuring low power consumption (feature of our SPXO products).

The oscillator can operate from +1.6V to 3.6V supply voltage. The oscillator is an environmental responsive product which is lead-free and RoHS compliant. Mass Production date: October, 2012.

* Source: survey by DAISHINKU CORP., valid as of May 29, 2012


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