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2013-11-07  Semiconductor ICs   SILVERTEL

SILVERTEL moving ahead towards PoE miniaturization!

With the AG9800, SILVERTEL is bringing onto the market what is at present the smallest available format for a PoE module, at only 28x17.8x12mm. The tiny tot supplies an output power of 12 Watt, and it works with no problem at all in a commercial temperature range from -20 to 70°C. It also issues the signature for the Powered Device (PD) recognition, which an active injector (PSE - Power Sourcing Equipment) needs before supplying power to a port. The AG9800 comes with a costs-optimized SMD (Surface Mount Device) package, with two bridge rectifiers and smoothing capacitors. The new super-small SMT converters are on offer from SILVERTEL with three output voltages (12, 5 and 3,3 Vdc), and the module will shortly also be available as a PTH (pin solution). And so as to make things particularly easy for customers, we are of course also providing a corresponding evaluation board.

Quick Selector Guide

As a result of the expansion of the product range, SILVERTEL are also providing an up-to-date overview of all the injectors (PSE) and consumers (PD-Powered Device) currently available. The product overview, organized as a matrix, makes choosing the right PoE converter simply child’s play. SILVERTEL is also putting the focus on the advantages of the respective converter family in each case, as well as the grouping arrangement according to IEEE802.3af (15.4W per port), IEEE802.3at (30W per port), and Ultra/Mega - PoE with 60 and 95W per port respectively.

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