VIBRATION-PROOF! Automotive SD Card Reader with Push-Lock System

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is proud to present the FPS009-4200-0(03), another innovative product from the family of SD card readers co

The FPS009-4200-0(03) card reader was developed especially for applications in which increased demands are imposed on the components with regard to mechanical stability and resistance to shock and vibration. That makes this Push-Lock reader the perfect solution, for example, in the automotive or industrial sector.

The special feature is the “One-Action-Lock” mechanism. The card is automatically locked in the plug by means of a spring, with an engagement hook fitted at the side. To release the card, all that is needed is for the engagement hook to be pushed back. The card is unlocked, and the spring pressure pushes it out, clearly and definitely, so it can be easily removed. This locking mechanism guarantees that the card is held securely in position even under severe vibration and the effects of shock. The function is supported by a special contact design. Two-fold lamellar contacts (2-point-contacts) guarantee secure contact even at different vibration frequencies, which means that no electrical failures can occur.

Consideration was also given in the design to extreme temperature fluctuations. The choice of material was made so that full use can be guaranteed over the entire range from -40°C to +85°C.

As well as this, the closed metal housing, together with four grounding tabs, offers particularly good EMC performance. The reader is fitted with a helical spring, which means that the card can be inserted and removed smoothly and rapidly (about 100 insertion cycles). The design also ensures that, even with SD cards which are in the upper or lower tolerance range of the dimensions, the contact pressure is exerted with best possible effect.

The card reader supports cards in accordance with the SDIO Standard. Packed and delivered on tape-reel belts.

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