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2014-04-10  Power Supply Modules   

Full Power unleashed!

After the unexampled success of the smallest in class 3x5” power supply with 600W output power, VOX Power introduces the Nevo+600’s big brother – the Nevo+1200.

Impressive 1200W on just 6x6" and 1U result in a total power density of 22W per cubic inch – throughout its input voltage range starting from 120 Vac and any output configuration. The all new Nevo+1200 comes with eight independent output slots that may be assembled and combined as you wish. The five available single output modules cover all voltages from 1.5 up to 58 Vdc and adjustable over current protection, Power Good and Inhibit on the Mainframe plus I2C Control for all output modules.

In addition three dual output modules (non-bipolar) are available off the shelf. Additional features such as “Series Tracker” for applications requiring sequencing and an improved I2C module (resolution +/-127 for current and voltage) for an easy system integration. Custom specific and standard cable assemblies are available on demand. All output modules may be connected in series and parallel. Sensing allows a very easy (active) current sharing. Smart Fans minimize the acoustic noise emitted from the power supply, decelerating its speed and increasing lifetime. The Nevo+1200 Frontend is not just two Nevo+600 but a new frontend developed from scratch. It’s not only for that reason why its radiated noise complies with EN55022 Level B radiated but also a commendable no load power consumption below 5W. The rework of the 1.200W version is – dependant on its version – approved according to EN60950 (2nd Edition) and EN60601 3rd Edition and allows a diverse usage in medical and industrial applications.

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