WISECHIP: 150,000-hour life

...and additional product launches for the character-type OLEDs

As already announced at the beginning of the year, WISECHIP has now expanded the 20x2 character OLED color range by adding red, green and blue to the existing white and yellow. All color versions are available in the standard COG (chip on glass) IC design, and PCB versions of the white and yellow colors are offered as an option.

The 20x4 character OLED represents another innovation. Currently only available in white and yellow, an expansion of this color palette is expected in the near future. As is already familiar from the existing 16x2 and 20x2 versions, the 20x4 version is also fully compatible with, or replaceable by, the products in VFD and LCD technology.

Since the service life plays an important role for the OLEDs and in the past was often a criterion for ruling them out, compared to the LCDs, new COG-driver ICs and improved lighting materials achieve up to 150,000 hours (at 80 cd/m²) for yellow character types. This means that the lifetime of the OLEDs in many applications is no longer a reason for doing without the advantages of OLED technology.

The accompanying table shows a comparison of the different colors. Yellow and green still have the longest operating life (time to half brightness), but other variants – such as blue – have come a long way from the original 20,000 hours.

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