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Isabellenhuette participated in CODICO's workshop tour

ISABELLENHUETTE is among the most significant manufacturers of electrical resistance materials, as well as of passive components for the automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.


As one of the world’s leading suppliers, ISABELLENHUETTE produces top quality precision and power resistors in the low-resistance range for the wide range of requirements. Products from ISABELLENHUETTE fulfil the highest demands for temperature coefficients (TC), thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability, inductance values, and power rating. Because these properties are influenced both by the resistance materials used as well as by the design and technology, there are two different manufacturing technologies to choose from: SMD Type (ISA-PLAN®) and Open-Air Type (ISA-WELD®).


In 2016 CODICO and ISABELLENHUETTE offered technical trainings in Poland and Czech Republic with focus on shunts, shunt technology and application examples! Due to the great success of this year's trainings CODICO and ISABELLENHUETTE will continue their workshop tour in 2017. Locations and dates will be published on CODICO's and ISABELLENHUETTE's websites (


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