YAMAICHI Electronics: 0.35mm Pitch Test Contactor


For Semiconductor Evaluation, HAST, HTOL and Failure Analysis

YAMAICHI Electronics presents Test Contactors for lab and reliability applications and ultra fine pitch semiconductor devices.


New semiconductor devices, like wafer level CSPs for mobile applications have ball pitches of 0.35mm. And there is the trend to shrink towards lower pitches.


For testing such devices, YAMAICHI Electronics in Europe (European headquarters in Munich, Bavaria) develops Test Contactors (TC) within the YED254 and YED274 series. The TC is individually modified and designed for different outline dimensions of the package. Very important is a homogenous force distribution on the device surface to avoid device cracking.


Through YAMAICHI Electronics' experience in developing test and burn-in sockets, the opening and closing mechanism is released for easy handling. The Test Contactor is designed with compression mount technology, therefore no soldering is needed. Selected materials like air craft aluminum, PEEK and ceramic PEEK make the socket robust.


This offers the customer a large variety of TCs which can be used in any custom application:


  • Evaluation: the first silicon has been received to verify the functionality
  • HAST / HTOL / ELFR: Reliability and stress tests for pre-qualification and during silicon production
  • ESD / Latch-Up Test: Performed as part of product qualification
  • Failure Analysis: finding device malfunctions during development, production and field


Reliable Probe Pin Technology

To fulfil these high requirements, YAMAICHI Electronics has a large portfolio of probe pins. The low inductance probe pin for the 0.35mm pitch has a length in working position of only 1.7mm. All pins have been electrical qualified and the standard data are available on request. This helps to select the best performing pin for our customers’ individual needs.

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