IEEE802.3bt samples are now available via CODICO´s Sample Shop

2018-10-31  Power Supply Modules   SILVERTEL
IEEE802.3bt: SILVERTEL´s new PoE BT Modules

SILVERTEL´s new PoE BT Modules

The new standard IEEE802.3bt introduced in the CODICO Impulse 1/2018 and 2/2018 improves the relatively high standby power requirements of legacy POE products. In order to maintain the PSE power connection, established POE systems required a 10mA PD current draw, over the link, for a minimum duty cycle of 20%. Assuming 50V on the cable, this equates to a standby power loss of 100mW per PD. The new 802.3bt standard makes great progress in regards to this needless standby power loss by allowing a 2.2% duty cycle. The energy wasted per port is therefore reduced to less than 20mW, which is ten times less than with previous products.


The delivery of power through all four pairs, allows the introduction of two new types and new classes: type 3 for power up to 51W and type 4 for Power up to 71W. The POE classification range is now extended up to Class 8 for 90W output on the PSE and 71W delivered to the PD.


PSE (Ag5800) and PD (Ag6800) products featuring both types are available via the CODICO Sample Shop.


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