KEMET's new R76H Series

2020-04-23  Passive Components   KEMET
KEMET's new R76H series provides highest Irms capability per volume in the industry

125°C/AEC-Q200 MKP Pulse Capacitors

KEMET's new R76H series provides highest Irms capability per volume in the industry and is best suitable for both, automotive (AEC-Q200 certified) and harsh environmental applications. R76H is THB-tested (85°C, 85%RH, 1.000hrs at 700VAC/2.000VDC bias) and has a rated temperature of 125°C.

What are pulse capacitors?

Pulse capacitors are defined as polypropylene film capacitors for applications that use the stable low dissipation factors required to handle high dV/dt and high ripple currents in power conversion applications. There are three different designs with following advantages available:

Single metallized Film

  • High energy density
  • High voltage and high current
  • Self-healing

Double metallized Film

  • Higher dV/dt performance
  • Higher current capabilities
  • Self-healing

Aluminum Metal Foil

  • Highest peak current support
  • Highest pulse current capabilities
  • No self-healing

The R76H series is constructed of polypropylene film and double metallized polyester film as electrodes with radial leads of tinned wire. The radial leads are electrically welded to the metal layer on the ends of the capacitor winding. The capacitor is encapsulated in a self-extinguishing solvent resistant plastic case with thermosetting resin material meeting UL 94V–0 requirements. Two different winding constructions are used depending on voltage parameters.

Product highlights of the new R76H series

  • For automotive (AEC-Q200) and harsh environmental applications
  • THB : 85°C, 85% RH, 1.000 hours at 700VAC/2.000VDC bias
  • Highest Irms capability per volume in the industry
  • Rated Voltage Range: 250VDC to 2.000VDC
  • Capacitance Range: 100pF to 15µF
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Lead Spacing: 10mm to 37.5mm
  • Capacitance Tolerance: ±2.5%, ±5%, ±10%

Typical applications include resonant circuit, high frequency high current, snubber and silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR and IGBT) and SiC (e.g. MOSFET) commutation circuits as well as applications with high voltage and high current in combination with a high ambient temperature.

For more information, please contact Roland Trimmel.


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