Stacked ceramic capacitors from KEMET

2019-06-27  Passive Components   KEMET
Stacked ceramic capacitors from KEMET allow due to space reduction on the PCB a miniaturization of designs.

Allow a miniaturization of designs

Due to space reduction on the PCB stacked capacitors allow a miniaturization of designs. Along with that extremely high ripple current capabilities and high capacitances in compact footprint are achieved. The special technology „KONNEKT“ from KEMET for stacking ceramic capacitors without lead frames is not only particularly space-saving, it also provides additional advantages.

The used U2J-ceramic results in a very low capacitance change over the temperature. Further, only a very low DC-bias effect occurs, which results in a very high effective capacitance even at maximum voltage. Beside the horizontal standard version, Kemet KONNEKT is also available in vertical „low-loss“ orientation with lower self-heating. This provides an improved power density and efficiency.

The advantages are:

  • lower ESL (0.4nH instead 1.6nH)
  • higher self-resonant frequency – suitable for high frequency applications
  • extremely low ESR (0.35mOhm instead 1.3mOhm at 1.4µF/50V, 3-stacked)
  • extremely high ripple current capability at high frequencies (up to 35Arms instead 10Arms at 1.4µF/50V, 3-stacked)

Download Datasheet

Possible applications

With their outstanding properties, these capacitors are ideal for use as DC-link-, snubber-, decoupling and resonant capacitors for applications like wide-bandgap (WBG), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) systems and various inverter and power supplies.

For more details please contact Roland Trimmel.


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