TFT Display with HDMI-Interface from MULTI-INNO

2019-07-25  Displays   MULTI-INNO Technology
Small format TFT Display with HDMI-Interface from MULTI-INNO

Today HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is standard on LCD monitors, but not on small format TFT displays. The industrial use of cost-effective single-board computers (SBC) now requires rethinking at display manufacturers. Small inexpensive SBCs, such as Raspberry Pi® or BeagleBone® have found their way into industrial control systems. These computers usually only provide HDMI as interface for displays, but this is not available with standard TFTs.

HDMI Function Board 

MULTI-INNO has responded and now offers a HDMI Function Board. This allows even small displays with RGB or LVDS interfaces to be connected to the single-board computers. The board has HDMI, a USB connection for an optional touch and requires a 12V power supply. Of course, these displays can also be connected to all Windows or Linux computers with HDMI. On request, additional mounting straps simplify the installation. Currently, the board is offered in combination with various 7" TFT displays. TN and IPS displays with different brightness levels and resolutions are available. Both a resistive and a capacitive touch panel can be selected for the touch function.

More about the HDMI Function Board can be found in the following data sheet.

Download Datasheet

For more information, please contact Christian Forthuber.


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