Think Out of the Box!

2019-09-16  CODICO News  
Karin Krumpel, CEO at CODICO

CODICO is dynamic

Every company has its own individual DNA. CODICO has a very special one - one that's made up of very special people! It isn't just corporate processes or management theories that make a company stand out. For CODICO's CEO Karin Krumpel, the secret of success lies in fostering the individuality of every employee.

In this day and age, leading a successful company requires more than just a well-defined strategy. When you ask Karin Krumpel about what she believes is essential in making CODICO fit for the future, her answer is clear: "We must be creative! 'Out of the Box' is our current message, which we want to pass along to our staff, our partners, customers, and manufacturers. Courage and individuality are an opportunity, and one needs to live by these."

In 2002, Karin Krumpel took over a successful company from her parents. Together with her husband, Sven Krumpel, who is also a Managing Director, they made the company even more successful! Starting with a staff of 65 and annual sales of 36 million Euros, they built up an international company with 185 employees and sales of 160 million Euros.

"We are different. We want to stand out from the crowd. CODICO offers solutions in a sector advancing so quickly that the company's core competency - Design In - is now more in demand than ever.   Our success is made possible by our products, our manufacturers and, most of all, by our people. As Managing Director, I can lay a foundation for this and point the way forward. But strategies shouldn't be just theories on paper, they must encourage people to be creative."

CODICO lives by these words! Its main pillars are dynamism, responsibility, and family. As a mother of four, Karin Krumpel knows that relationships within the company can only work if you take family values seriously. The company puts a great emphasis on respect and tolerance. CODICO encourages mindfulness, and proactively invites its staff to think "out of the box". "Only if we give our people room to develop will we create the opportunity to adapt to breathtaking developments in electronics, to progress in digitalisation, and to changes in the environment and in society.

CODICOs very special office environment

To put this mindset into practice, this year CODICO is designing a very special office environment. The reconstruction of its headquarters will double the available office space and create social areas and free space for joint work in groups. So-called "workbenches" will support informal communication and encourage teamwork. In addition to the new office environment, the renovation will also focus on the state-of-the-art logistics centre and its automation. By the end of the year, a 10,000 m² recreational park will be created for CODICO's employees on an adjacent empty plot. The park will offer sports facilities and space for relaxed get-togethers - for professional and private purposes -, and the company will also launch a Corporate Farming Project, planting numerous fruit and vegetable varieties on the premises.

The renovation, to be completed by late 2020, aims at promoting open-mindedness and creative thinking. As owner and Managing Director, one can lay foundations and define frameworks - but life will come from the people who work there and who make CODICO what it is. "Those who are not willing to think out of the box will not survive in the electronics business! The sector is vibrant - and we can have a lasting impact on it with our DNA."


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