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For too long customers have been listening at home to music tied to a specific HiFi audio system. The flexibility has been missed to listen to the music at the place you want. But also in other fields, e.g. public buildings, schools, hospitals, the distribution of music and voice messages at any location was not given by any technology. Qualcomm provides for this so-called Multiroom application a turnkey module solution for speakers and audio devices that can be easily and quickly integrated into any audio system.

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QUALCOMM Inc. designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. CODICO supplies the following QUALCOMM ATHEROS product families: Wi-Fi, Powerline communication, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switches and PHYs


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Your contact for QUALCOMM ATHEROS:  André Ehlert
André Ehlert
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-11

The module called SAM (Smart Audio Module) is based on the media platform Allplay and allows audio streaming of any mobile devices that are based on Android or iOS. Since Allplay builds on the open source framework AllJoyn (also developed by Qualcomm), an Allplay speaker can undertake the audio output also for other AllJoyn based devices at home, e.g. an alarm signal from a smoke detector if there is a fire or a notification of a washing machine when the wash program has finished.


Since the SAM module supports Wi-Fi, no compromises need to be done related to the audio quality and distance range as it is the case by Bluetooth based Mutliroom applications. You can easily stream uncompressed high definition audio files with even higher quality than the one of CD (16 Bit, 44.1 kHz) from your smartphone or tablet to any Allplay speaker. The same audio quality can be achieved also for music streaming services. However, most streaming service providers like Spotify or Napster support only a bit rate of 320 kbps and has now been established as the industry standard for most streaming service providers. For further information about Audio please see the section Semiconductor ICs.


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