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Clock and Data Recovery


To transmit digital information over a certain distance, it is necessary to serialise it (just one guiding medium like cable, fiber,etc. but very high bit rates). A bit stream is transmitted with its clock information. The resulting signal, during its journey, is affected by noise and by the transfer function of the transmission medium, and undesired corruption of the information content may follow. At the receiving end, the signal is restored (it is equalised and the noise filtered out) as much as possible. Then the timing information is extracted, and the bit stream regenerated. The electronic circuits that accomplish these functions inside the data receiver are called the Clock and Data Recovery block (= the CDR).


Multi-rate capabilities makes Macom CDRs ideal for use in Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Infiniband, SONET, PCIe, telecom, datacom, and enterprise applications.

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