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CODICO is eager to find the best possible connection system for every application. In addition to connectors, CODICO covers the requirements of its customers in the sector of cable assemblies. By testing the best possible connection for every application, CODICO wants to maximise the output for its costumers.

Subcategories of Connectors & Cable Assemblies:

Produktkategorie Connectors


Wide selection of connectors!

Produktkategorie DIN Rail Products

DIN Rail Products

Variety of screw and spring force design formats

Produktkategorie Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks

Standard products and product adaptations are possible!

Produktkategorie Value Added

Value Added

Cable Assemblies Value Added


Highest quality and maximum reliability

From among its huge connector portfolio CODICO, as a design-in distributor, aims to testing and finding the best possible connection system for every application. Whenever and wherever an application arises for which no standard solutions meet the demand, CODICO is happy to help with its expert skills, knowledge of the products and long years of experience to optimize existing products or create a new development in connectors – with the most economical price, the highest quality and maximum reliability.

In addition to connectors, CODICO also covers the requirements of its customers in the sector of cable assemblies. Here too, CODICO focuses on the target application as a whole, and on testing for the best possible product or solution for the requirements. This is achieved by highly-trained sales engineers with long years of experience.

Our success factors

  • Engineers oversee and support the development process
  • Long years of experience in the field of technical customer consultancy and design-in support
  • Vast range of product knowledge
  • Cooperation with experienced and highly qualified cable assembly specialists with long years of experience

All these success factors in combination ensure that the best possible solution is worked out and proposed.

Your Contact:

Bild von Julia Reiterer
Julia Reiterer
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-162
Bild von Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134

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