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In the area of contact elements, CODICO offers pogo pins and spring-loaded contacts, PCB contacts, and solder-free connections. In this product sector, one of our strengths is the flexibility with which customer-specific adaptations, optimizations, and solutions can be provided. This gives us the capacity to cover applications from markets which are quantity-driven, such as entertainment electronics, and on up to high-tech equipment in the medical technology sector.





Our suppliers in this category Contact Elements:


Amphenol Industrial is a member of the US based Amphenol Corporation, which was founded in 1932. With more than 50,000 employees and over 100 locations the Amphenol Corporation is today the second largest interconnect supplier in the world. Amphenol Industrial is the leading manufacturer of cylindrical connectors in the industrial market, focusing on renewable energy application, oil & gas exploration, medical advancements, hybrid and electric vehicles, communication, rail mass transit, heavy equipment and factory automation.


Your contact :

Your contact for AMPHENOL INDUSTRIAL:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


C.C.P.'s focus is on Pogo Pins as well as test probes for IC testequipment, IC sockets and more.


Your contact :

Your contact for C.C.P.:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


CVILUX dedicates in manufacturing & selling connectors, FFC, and Wire harnesses. CVILUX products are mainly for the application of consumer electronics, computers, communication and electro-optical.


Your contact:

Your contact for CVILUX:  Julia Reiterer
Julia Reiterer
Inside Sales, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-162


HARWIN is a manufacturer of high reliability and industry standard interconnects and associated PCB hardware. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing interconnect solutions HARWIN are well placed to support industry standard connector requirements.


Your contact :

Your contact for HARWIN:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


STOCKO Contact GmbH & Co. KG is among Europe’s leading providers of electromechanical components. Particular focus of production is on connection systems with insulation displacement (IDC termination), crimp or soldered connections, solder-free connectors, crimp contacts, customer-specific special developments, and processing systems for all STOCKO products.


Your contact :

Your contact for STOCKO:  Christian Sichtar
Christian Sichtar
Sales Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-134


Pogo Pins and spring-loaded contacts

In addition to a wide variety of different Pogo Pins (different designs, lengths, diameters, etc.), CODICO also provides assembled versions with a range of pole numbers. These are available with special surface coatings, such as gold, PdNi, black metallic, and nickel-free for allergy-sufferers.


  • EMI applications
  • Signal transfers (<1A) and applications in the power sector (<10A)
  • Water-tight or magnetic versions
  • PCB test pins/test contacts
  • Contacts for IC test devices
  • Applications in rough environments (up to IPX8 possible)
  • Air-tight solutions


PCB contacts and accessories

These products are used when excellent EMI and RFI protection is required for sensitive circuits on the PCB level. In addition to grounding and screening contacts, contact elements are available for the production of economical electrical connections between two PCBs in the horizontal and vertical direction, as well as for antenna contacts for mobile devices. 


A range of accessories are also available:

+) Spring, screening, and grounding contacts, with a wide range of different contact forms

+) Screening housings, including SMT screening clips for automatic component assembly

+) Cable clips for SMD assembly

+) Jumper links as additional connection between two conductor paths

+) SMT PCB socket as an economical alternative to PCB contacts

+) SMT test points for reading out measured values in the course of quality control

+) Various different battery holders (such as for button cells)


Solder-free contacts

+) Cable lugs with and without insulation

+) Tabs and receptacles in plugging widths of 2.8mm, 4.8mm and 6.3mm

+) Tab distributors

+) Timer contacts

+) End splices with or without insulation crimps

+) Open barrel terminals in ring or in C-shape

+) Board-in contacts

+) Round-pin sleeves and round pins

+) End, parallel, and series connectors

+) Pin and plug connectors


Depending on the application, a range of different base materials and surface finishes are available. Many products are available optionally as reel packaging and in bulk. And from CODICO you can of course also obtain single and multiple housings matching tabs and receptacles with or without locking facilities.

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