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Ethernet PHYs


Physical Layer ICs for Ethernet Networking Equipment

Qualcom-Atheros "ETHOS technologies" provide customers with industry leading low-power and solution size to enable Fast or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in networking equipment, consumer electronics and computing platforms. Qualcom-Atheros offer Ultra low-power single Gigabit Ethernet PHY as well as Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver. Ethernet transceiver is a single port, 10/100/1000 Mbps tri-speed Ethernet PHY supports both RGMII and SGMII to the MAC.


10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet copper PHYs

  • MII / RGMII MAC interface
  • Full IEEE 802.3az support
  • IEEE 1588 network timing and synchronization
  • Power saving based on cable length and link status
  • Cable Diagnostics Technology (CDT)
  • Qualcomm proprietary SmartEEE support for low power
  • Hardware Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Support
  • Single 3.3V supply


1G Transceiver

  • RGMII-SGMII RGMII to copper or fibre mode
  • SGMII to copper mode
  • Converter mode

      - 100BASE FX fiber to 100BASE TX copper

      - 1000BASE X fiber to 1000BASE T copper

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QUALCOMM Inc. designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. CODICO supplies the following QUALCOMM ATHEROS product families: Wi-Fi, Powerline communication, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switches and PHYs


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Your contact for QUALCOMM ATHEROS:  André Ehlert
André Ehlert
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-11

AR8030 -PB- 100Mb PHY Ultra low-power RMII: Datasheet

AR8031 -PB- 1G Transceiver RGMII-SGMII: Datasheet

AR8032 -PB- 1G Transceiver RGMII-SGMII: Datasheet

AR8035 -PB- 1G Phy Ultra low-power RGMII: Datasheet






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