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An Ethernet switch is a device that connects a plurality of stations in a network. In an Ethernet network (star topology), a switch is a distributor for the data packages. The function is similar to the Hub, with the difference that a switch a direct connections between the devices created, if he is aware of the Port of the data receiver. If not, the "broadcast" Mode is used , the switch sends the data packets to all ports. When the reply packets come back from the receivers, the switch learns the MAC addresses of the data packets and the corresponding port, now it sends the individual data only to the matched receiver. A hub limits the bandwidth of the network by the "broadcast" mode, the switch connect the two stations with the full speed as the end-to-end network connection can support.

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QUALCOMM Inc. designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. CODICO supplies the following QUALCOMM ATHEROS product families: Wi-Fi, Powerline communication, Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switches and PHYs


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Your contact for QUALCOMM ATHEROS:  André Ehlert
André Ehlert
Product Line Manager
+49 89 1301438-11

All Qualcomm low-power Ethernet switches have 5 integrated PHYs that support "QoS" with 4 classes based on IEE802.1p, IPV4 TOS, IPV6 TC and MAC addresses. There are available as managed and unmanaged, with Industrial Temperature range from 4-ports to 7-ports. Here use Qualcomm "ETHOS" - Green Ethernet (EDGE) power-saving features with internal automatic DSP Energy Saving. The AR8328 has additionally integrated a hardware NAT and SERDES / SGMII interfaces.


AR8228_AR8229 -PB- 7x 1Gb Low-power Switch IndTemp: Datenblatt

AR8236 -PB- 6x 100Mb low-power Switch: Datenblatt

AR8328_AR8328N -PB- 7x 1Gb Low-power Managed L3 Switch with HW NAT: Datenblatt




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