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The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the constellation that all electronic devices talk to each other via an IP-based network. In this context, the devices are not restricted to specific market segment; instead, the principle is that all electronic devices, regardless of their type, exchange data with neighboring devices, or even with far away devices, to synchronize the actual program state. According to official estimates, by 2020 more than 25 billion devices will be connected via the Internet.

IoT is thus becoming part of every aspect of our lives. In principle, many different wireless standards can serve as an IoT network for data exchanges. Find out more about the different system approaches and how to choose the right chip with the required features for your wireless application. Download now our WHITEPAPER Series “WiFi and Bluetooth in the world of IoT” and get valuable expert knowledge that help you understand IoT better.


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8DEVICES is specialized in SOM (System on a Module) and combo radio modules for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that are all based on QUALCOMM chipsets. The company's extensive experience in hardware and software development allows it to offer high-qualityand reliable modules. As QUALCOMM's Authorised Design Centre (ADC) partner, 8DEVICES also supports custom designs and offers customized software and hardware solutions to meet your specific requirements


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Digi International was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Minneapolis MN (USA). The Company is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock Exchange. The company offers Embedded Modules & SBCs, RF-Modules and Wireless Design Services.


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Classic examples of IoT applications are available in the home and building automation market. A washing machine, for example, can alert the resident via television that the washing program has finished. A smoke detector can raise an alarm by a loudspeaker or by lighting if a fire breaks out. The application examples are as versatile and varied as the products themselves, and can be extended to many other market segments such as healthcare, smart metering, industrial automation and safety technology.

On the WiFi client side, the demand for smaller, more compact and low cost solutions are growing and growing. Low power is also a dominant requirement, as the devices are often powered by a battery. On the access point side, HUB/Gateway solutions are required, which allow the integration of non-WiFi networks (e.g. Zigbee, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, etc.) into the Internet. This connection is realised either via Ethernet but more often via WiFi to the home router.

CODICO offers numerous module solutions for both applications.




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