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PLC Coupling Transformer


Power Line Communication is already well known for smart home systems.

PLC ist the intelligent cooperation of several different equipments to manage the home environment by using the installed power line wires. Even automotive customers are getting more and more interested in this technology. Plug-in hybrid and electric cars exchange information with the network provider while charging.

Beside the PLC Module/IC the right Coupling Transformer is mandatory.

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ELYTONE Electronic Co., Ltd., acts as a developing and producing company for high quality inductive components for the electronic industry.


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Your contact for ELYTONE:  Sebastian Gebhart
Sebastian Gebhart
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-205


SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of individual products and comprehensive solutions for the automobile, electrical, and electronics industries. SUMIDA develops, produces, and markets inductive components, modules, component groups, and complete systems.


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Your contact for SUMIDA:  Sebastian Gebhart
Sebastian Gebhart
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-205

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