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The INTEL SOCRATES™ family are the industry’s best SHDSL transceivers for consumer, enterprise and mobile backhaul SHDSL applications. Our fully integrated DFE-AFE-Linedriver solutions offer symmetric data rates of up to 5.7 Mbps in standard mode.

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Specializing in broadband communications, including analog, digital and mixed-signal ICs, as well as complementary comprehensive software suites, INTEL enables system manufacturers to design high-speed data and telecommunication systems solutions for broadband access and customer premises equipment.


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On simple twisted copper pair cables, the technology enables symmetrical data links over long copper loops: SHDSL reaches much farther than Ethernet or other DSL technologies, and depending on loop length and cable characteristics, data rates can go as high as 15 Mbps per pair in a proprietary mode. In the SHDSL IC market the INTEL SOCRATES™ family is the unchallenged number one. Our products offer best-in-class performance and lowest power consumption for EFM and TDM based applications. SOCRATES products are not only the best choice for traditional SHDSL applications: With their MII/RMII/SSSMII interfaces, adding several kilometers of WAN connectivity becomes as easy as connecting an Ethernet PHY - SOCRATES™-EFM family (i.e Socrates-4e/2e/1e products) of SHDSL transceivers designed for EFM system application - SOCRATES™-Bis family (i.e SDFE products) targets TDM applications SOCRATES™ SHDSL Eval Kit There is a low cost, easy to use Eval Kit available, based on a INTEL reference design, It can be used as a “plug and play” Ethernet extender or SHDSL modem. It gives an economical starting point for any own design. The board comes fully configured with all required firmware and software pre-installed. Setup is done in minutes and rate/reach characteristics of SHDSL can be shown immediately.


Key Features

  • Compliant G. SHDSL.bis G.991.2 (2004) and IEEE802.3ah-2004, 2Base-TL
  • Fully integrated Bonding with MPAIR and EFM-PAF
  • Simultaneous support of ATM and EFM as well as TDM/Dual Bearer
  • Primary system interface MII, RMII, SSSMII or UTOPIA L2. Secondary system interface TDM
  • Control Interface parallel (MPI) and serial (SCI)
  • Integrated cross talk canceller One-Chip Solution for 4-Channel SHDSL Application


Product Name, Sales Code Description

SOCRATES™-1e PEF 21628 E V1.x 1ch IEEE802.3single chip with integrated PAF for SHDSL linecard or CPE applications SOCRATES™-2e PEF 22628 E V1.x 2ch IEEE802.3single chip with integrated PAF for SHDSL linecard or CPE applications SOCRATES™-4e PEF 24628 E V1.x 4ch IEEE802.3single chip with integrated PAF for SHDSL linecard or CPE applications





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