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Ultra Low Power E-Paper Displays

E-Paper displays mean that energy-saving applications are now really starting to win. Battery-powered applications, which up to now only had simple LED status displays as a resource, can now be replaced by segment or even graphic E-paper displays. Apart from adding value to the device, the E-paper display allows for a huge range of additional parameters and values to be represented by means of potential menu prompts.

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YEEBO Display

With nearly 30 years of experience in the monchrome display market for customized designs, offers YEEBO Display Ltd. all available technologies up to automotive grade solutions.


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Christian Forthuber
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+43 1 86305-158

All of this is possible thanks to the “bistable” E-paper technology, which at the same time allows for an image content to be maintained without any energy consumption. Current is only needed for changes in the content of the E-paper display. Another feature of E-paper displays is the reflective operation. Familiar from LCDs, the impinging light is reflected by the polarizer, which then creates very good legibility, as with a paper print, in sunlight. And that means that with E-paper displays, energy-hungry background lighting can be done away with.

The millions of small microcapsules inside an E-paper display, filled with positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles, depending on the electrical field imposed, are represented as white or black. And, as a supplement to the black particles, E-paper displays are also available with additional red pigments.

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