First-to-Market X2 and Y2 THB Film Caps With Rated Voltage of 350VAC

High Rated Temperature of 125°C

KEMET adds two series with a rated voltage of 350VAC to its portfolio of EMI suppression film capacitors. Other features include a THB test grade IIIB and a high rated temperature of 125°C.


The R53 series of the X2 category has been taken to the next level with the R53B series, offering miniaturised dimensions, highest capacitance and THB level IIIB (85°C/85% RH/1000h/Un) as well as a rated voltage of 350VAC/800VDC. The capacitance range goes from 68nF to 20µF. In addition, this version achieves an extended temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

The series is ideal for harsh environmental conditions and meets the demanding Automotive Electronics Council's AEC–Q200 qualification requirements. It is suitable for worldwide use in electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression in across-the-line applications that require X2
safety classification. Typical applications include connection in series with the mains, capacitive power supplies and energy meters. A particular focus is on automotive applications for severe
ambient conditions, such as On Board Chargers.

The situation is similar for the Y2 category. The high temperature R41T series has been further developed to achieve a rated voltage of 350VAC/1500VDC. This new R41B series thus offers a THB level IIIB (85°C/85% RH/Vr), an extended temperature range from -40°C to +125°C and a high dielectric strength. Of course, this series also meets the demanding qualification requirements of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q200).
It is suitable for use as filter for suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in "line-to-ground" and "across-the-line" applications requiring safety classification Y2/X1. The capacitance range goes from 2.2nF to 1.2µF.

Those new series offer the best combined performance in terms of lead space, harsh environment, high-temperature and reliability in the electronic marketplace.

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