INNOSCIENCE: New Partner for GaN Based Solutions

Wide-Bandgap Technology for GaN Power Solutions

With INNOSCIENCE CODICO extends the competence in power-components towards Wide-Bandgap-Technology. INNOSCIENCE offers both discrete (InnoGaN™) and integrated (SolidGaN™) GaN power solutions and is the world’s largest dedicated GaN producer with two 8-inch wafer fabs already in production.

Efficiency Boost for Industry, Renewables, and E-Mobility

The actual portfolio covers GaN FETs for Low-Voltage (30V-150V) and High-Voltage (650V/700V), integrated bidirectional solutions and half-bridges with integrated GAN-FETs.

Targeting at industrial applications, renewable energies and e-mobility, GaN solutions offer smaller size, higher efficiency and better thermal performance. INNOSCIENCE complements the existing driver solutions in these application areas.

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For more information, please contact Thomas Berner.

Thomas Berner is product marketing manager.
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