PIEZO MOTION is an us-based company and leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative piezoelectric motion and control technologies. They provide proprietary and patented standing wave-type piezoelectric motors & actuators, control electronics and software.

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Shaping the Next Generation of Technology

As an industry leader in precision motor technology, PIEZO MOTION has made a multi-million dollar investment in research and development. They have recognised the need to reduce the complexity of products while adding performance and precision. Their innovations are disrupting the precision motor market by displacing traditional DC motor and actuator technology in a variety of industries and applications.

With over 25 patents and a team consisting of leading scientists and engineers PIEZO MOTION wants to help various industries shape the next generation of technology, whether that be through the implementation of the standard product lines or through the design and development of customised solutions.

The core piezo technology replaces traditional small-size precision rotary and linear motors and actuators by providing significant performance improvements with increased energy efficiency and a lower cost of ownership. PIEZO MOTION´s new product line utilises engineering polymers, making them suitable for equipment and high volume OEM applications.

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