How Does the Piezo Technology Work?

The word piezo comes from the Greek word piezein – to squeeze or press. A piezoelectric effect is the ability of some materials, often piezo ceramics, to generate an electrical charge in response to mechanical force (squeezing or pressing).

The piezoelectric effect is reversible, so materials exhibit “the inverse piezoelectric effect” – in which they change shape or size when excited by an electric charge. Although the inverse piezoelectric effect has been professionally studied for some years, practical applications of piezo technology in everyday devices like digital cameras, industrial valves and toys have only been relatively recent.

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The Answer to Many Modern-Day Problems

As the demand for better energy efficiency, higher performance, more miniaturization, and greener technology grows, companies are shifting their focus to piezo motor technology as an alternative to conventional electromagnetic motors. This efficient and economical technology offers the answers to many modern-day problems at an affordable price.

There are several types of piezo motors on the market; however, PIEZO MOTION design and technology produce unique standing wave-type piezo motors that provide certain key advantages in use and manufacturability. PIEZO MOTION motors come in various sizes and configurations, and the company’s full line of rotary and linear piezo motors addresses many modern-day requirements for motion control systems.

Whether rotary or linear, PIEZO MOTION's motors work on the same principle of ultrasonic standing waves, which cause electrically induced excitation within a piezoelectric resonator/ceramic. PIEZO MOTION's Blue series targeting is precise, lightweight, compact, and reliable whilst designed for volume manufacture making them ideal for OEM applications.

PIEZO MOTION’s motors operate under a patented principle of excitation that uses two right-angled or orthogonal vibration modes (with relative phase difference). The two modes of vibration cause the piezoceramic to oscillate so that, when harnessed, it enables the creation of precise continuous rotary and linear motion. Furthermore, this technique (which is part of PIEZO NOTION's IP portfolio) greatly simplifies drive circuit design and requires very low voltages, reducing the drive electronics cost. 

PIEZO MOTION's innovative technology combined with rigorous design philosophy, utilizing a combination of piezoceramics and modern materials and manufacturing, enables the company to produce precision motion products at a competitive cost.

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PIEZO MOTION is an us-based company and leader in the design and manufacturer of innovative piezoelectric motion and control technologies. They provide proprietary and patented standing wave-type piezoelectric motors & actuators, control electronics and software.

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