PLC/HomePlug Green Phy

This image shows an electric car that is being charged.

HomePlug Green Phy for E-Mobility

Communication according to ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN 70121 / SAE J2847/2 is based on HomePlug Green Phy or IEEE1901 standard. Thereby the Power Line Signal is modulated onto the Control Pilot Wire (CP) in the charging cable against protective earth. Because of the fact that the electro vehicle charging cables are short compared with cables in PLC applications in the home over mains/ 230V it is required to reduce the transmit power level of the PLC signal.

This reduction in transmit power level is achieved by using a 1:1:1 signal transformer compared with the 1:5:4 that is typically used in mains applications. In addition transmit power level is further reduced by modifying the configuration file of the Green Phy Chips. As PLC nodes in charging stations are requested to have a different behaviour than the ones in the electro vehicles more modifications of the so called PIB-File (Parameter Information Block File) are required.

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Homeplug Green Phy for Other Applications

In the area of Smart Grid, Smart Meter and Home Control applications, reliable connections are mandatory. At the same time, user data need to be transmitted securely and encoded. This means that overhead data and with it the whole amount of transmit data often is increased and the data rates of Narrow Band PLC are not enough for time critical applications with many nodes involved. On the other side Broad Band PLC with it´s very high data rates are oversized for these kind of applications and the pretty high power consumption speak against the use of Broad Band PLC as well. HomePlug Green Phy Standard offers a solution to this dilemma.

Less Data Rate at Much Reduced Power Dissipation

HomePlug Green Phy dispenses entirely the subcarrier modulation and communication takes place in QPSK-Mode (Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying) of HomePlug AV only. By dispensing subcarrier modulation, it is not required anymore to characterize the channel. Both result in substantially reduced performance requirements for the integrated processor and with that in much reduced power dissipation.

At the same time the required memory can be reduced and as a result can be integrated into the MAC/PHY chip. Sensitivity can be lowered as well when running the chip in QPSK Modulation mode only compared with 1.024 QAM and so the analogue front end can be integrated as well. Both lead to a simplified system design and finally to a single chip solution. Because of the fact that frequency range, channel spacing as well as forward error correction method remain the same for HomePlug Green Phy equipment compared to HomePlug AV / AV2 / IEEE 1901 all devices are fully interoperable and are able to communicate with each other.

Choose Between ICs, Modules and Evaluation Boards

In the area of ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN 70121 / SAE J2847/2 communication CODICO offers both HomePlug Green Phy compliant ICs from QUALCOMM- the QCA7000 and QCA7005 and support Embedded Designs with these chips under certain circumstances. Beside the chips CODICO offers a a number of modules and evaluation boards based on these Chips where all the above mentioned modifactions and adaptions are already made.


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8DEVICES is specialized in SOM (System on a Module) and combo radio modules for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that are all based on QUALCOMM chipsets. The company's extensive experience in hardware and software development allows it to offer high-quality and reliable modules. As QUALCOMM's Authorised Design Centre (ADC) partner, 8DEVICES also supports custom designs and offers customized software and hardware solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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DEVOLO has been developing innovative powerline products for private customers and commercial use. The main business area of DEVOLO is their dLAN product range (Direct Local Area Network) for data transmission via the in-house powerline/mains and coaxial cabling. As a result, one can easily built up Ethernet based networks for internet access, IPTV streaming, WiFi repeater solutions and others.

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INSYS icom

INSYS icom develops routers, gateways and managed services "Made in Germany" for secure industrial data communication, networking and smart charging of electric vehicles with passion. NSYS thus supports enthusiastic customers in realizing their digitization and IoT projects profitably.



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QUALCOMM is an American global fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. The company headquarter is located in San Diego, California, United States. Out of the broad portfolio of QUALCOMM´s products, CODICO distributes Bluetooth, GNSS, PLC, Wi-Fi and Ethernet products.

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SEVENSTAX is a software specialist with a wide range of protocol stack implementations, specifically designed for the use in embedded systems. All embedded software products are developed in-house based on the SEVENSTAX quality criteria.

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