Send and Receive Data With High Transmission Rates

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology is responsible for broadband supply in almost all countries of the world. There are different DSL standards depending on the requirements:

  • ADSL2+ is an advanced form of asymmetrical data transmission technology ADSL with data transmission rates of up to 25 Mbit/s
  • HDSL allows symmetrical data connections on long copper lines
  • VDSL2 enables symmetrical high-speed data transmission
  • was developed for very short cable lengths
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Vectoring technology

Vectoring technology can be used to compensate for interference from adjacent DSL lines. Thus, download speeds of up to 100Mbit/s can be achieved with a line length of up to 1km. The transceivers from INTEL (since 1.8.2020 Maxlinear) cover all current installations. Further improvements in the coverage of the network result from the bonding of several lines to one group. 

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NTEL's high-performance processors are the heart of innovative solutions for service providers in the areas of cloud, network, home gateway and mobile - but also for end customers.The connected Home Division aims to transform people’s digital lives with trusted and effortless connected home experiences. As gateway technologies are transforming the home, INTEL targets to make the network faster and smarter. With the help of the cloud, the broadband gateway enables the Internet of Things as well as the smart and connected home.

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