CODICO delivers world's first HomePlug Green PHY solution

QCA7000 for Power Line Communication

These days CODICO started to ship the first QCA7000 Single-Chip HomePlug Green PHY ICs from QUALCOMM ATHEROS to their customers. The HomePlug Green PHY Standard combines the robust transmission technology of Home Plug AV with the almost 100% coverage in a house ideally in a cheep, 8x8mm small single chip package and with that provides at the same time a very low power solution delivering still several Mbps data rate on the line.


Apllications for home automation and energy management


With the IPv6 based transmission the QCA7000 ideally fits for all applications in the area of home automation, energy management, smart metering, electro mobility and smart grid. The QCA7000 in the meantime is selected by eight car manufacturers worldwide to provide the communication link between charging station and electro vehicles or plug-in hybrid vehicles according ISO/IEC Standard 15118.

With it´s max. 10Mbps line data rate the chip is faster then any other solution in the Narrow Band Power Line area and at the same time avoid the very noisy and disturbance spectrum in Narrow Band PLC. QCA7000 also offers a completion or replacement for all kind of wireless technologies in the obove mentioned applications like Zigbee, Z-Wave etc. who all struggle with reliable and secure communication bridging severals stories in a house.

QCA7000 has a built-in Power Management Unit and is powered by single 3.3V Voltage supply. As communication interfaces the chip provides SPI and UART. Currently it is available in commercial temperature range. A version with industrial temperature range will follow soon. Chip and evaluation systems "PL16" are available from stock at CODICO.

For further informations please contact Mr. André Ehlert.