FX30-Serie from HIROSE

Electric FX30A Series, 3.81mm Pitch, 10A Power, Board-to-Board Connectors with Tolerance Compensation

The FX30 Series was developed so as to meet the growing demand for current-conductive PCB plug connectors which can be used simultaneously with signal plug connectors thanks to an integrated tolerance compensation. A special and innovative contact structure of the FX30A Series allows for an offset in the XY direction of up to +/- 0.3mm.

The plug-side blade contacts in combination with the socket-side spring contacts absorb production-induced tolerances when several plug systems are being used in parallel. Four gold-plated contacting points per conductor provide a really reliable connection, and with an effective contact surface area of 2mm, even more contact reliability is guaranteed. Current values of up to 10A allow for the use of the FX30A Series in applications in which high currents are flowing. Integrated lateral guides in the housing make “blind” plugging possible, thanks to a plug tolerance compensation of +/- 1.3mm in the X and Y directions.

Incorrect plugging is prevented by five further grooves. HIROSE’s famous and popular FX18 high-speed connector can be combined with the FX30A on the same PCB, so as to allow use with simultaneous signal transfer and current transfer. A new version - the FX30B Series – with a new housing, improved functional performance, and even more variation versatility, in right-angled, vertical, and co-planar format, rounds off the range of current-conductive PCB plug connectors.

Ideal situations for use are industrial applications, mobile communications and measuring technology, radio transmission systems, medical equipment, and much more besides.

Key data
• 2, 3, 4 and 5 pin
• 10A current carrying capacity
• 3.81mm grid
• right-angled
• 250V AC/DC voltage
• High contact reliability
• Temperature range -55 to +105°C

FX30-Series from HIROSE