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Semiconductor ICs


Please find here detailed information about Integrated Circuits for demanding applications.

CODICO carefully chooses its suppliers based on the ability to deliver innovative technologies in these and other areas. By specially trained and focused FAEs (Field Application Engineers) and PM (Product Managers) a customer not only gets information on the ICs themselves, but also on the use of the ICs in a bigger content and on possible side effects.

Subcategories of Semiconductor ICs:

Produktkategorie Audio


The processing of audio signals

Produktkategorie Ethernet


Components for Ethernet-based Applications

Produktkategorie Interfaces


Interface Circuits

Produktkategorie Location


Read here more Information about this topic!

Produktkategorie Microcontroller


Products for virtually any application!

Produktkategorie Motor Drivers

Motor Drivers

Drivers for external or with integrated FETs or transistors

Produktkategorie Power Management

Power Management

Essential base of each electric circuitry

Produktkategorie Powerline Communication

Powerline Communication

Broadband and Narrowband Powerline Communication

Produktkategorie Wireless Technologies

Wireless Technologies

Wireless Communication


Our suppliers in this category Semiconductor ICs:


ALLEGRO MicroSystems is a leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-performance power and hall-effect sensor integrated circuits. Their innovative solutions serve high-growth applications within the automotive, communications, computer/office automation, consumer and industrial markets. The products includes Hall-Effect Sensor ICs, Motor Driver ICs, Power Conversion Devices, Power Interface ICs, and Power Management ICs.


Your contact :

Bild von Magnus Gustavsson
Magnus Gustavsson
Regional Sales Manager Nordics, Product Line Manager
+46 70 567 97 72


QUICKLOGIC Corporation develops and markets low power customizable semiconductor solutions, CSSPs for Tablets, Smartbooks, Netbooks, Cloudbooks, Smartphones, DataCards and Mobile Enterprise products. CSSPs are complete, customer-specific solutions that include a combination of silicon solution platforms, Proven System Blocks (PSBs,) customer-specific logic, software drivers, and firmware. PSBs include Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE), Display Power Optimizer (DPO), SDHD/eMMC Host Controllers, USB 2.0 On-The-Go with PHY, MDDI Client with PHY, High Speed UARTs, Pulse Width Modulators, SPI and I2C hosts, display-specific functions such as RGB-split and Frame Recyclers, and Data Performance Manager (DPM) for accelerated sideloading times.


Your contact :

Bild von Magnus Gustavsson
Magnus Gustavsson
Regional Sales Manager Nordics, Product Line Manager
+46 70 567 97 72

Semiconductor ICs - Integrated Circuits for demanding applications

Electronic circuits built on thin semiconductor material form the basis for modern electronics. Using smallest possible space, a vast number of active and passive components are combined on a monocrystalline substrate in order to cope with complex tasks. Most widely known as semiconductor ICs are Memory, Logic and Microcontroller devices. But also Communication-, Interface- and Power- Management-Controller belong to the family of integrated semiconductors.

CODICO as reliable partner 

By specially trained and focused FAEs (Field Application Engineers) and Product Managers the customers not only get information on the ICs themselves, but also on the use of the ICs in a bigger content and on possible side effects.

A close cooperation with its suppliers enables CODICO to support customers with information about upcoming products and new technologies and helps in analyzing possible faults in designs. For many of the semiconductor ICs, CODICO offers Evaluation Boards or Design-Kits, enabling an easier and faster design-start. The semiconductor ICs offered by CODICO are used in industrial, automotive, automatisation, commercial and medical applications.