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105° THT Long-Life E-Cap TXW-series for high ripple currents "Pencil Type"
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105°C THT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 35TXW1000MEFC8x60 with high ripple current capability and long life time "Pencil Type"

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Series: TXW
Rated Voltage: 35 V
Capacitance: 1000 µF
Capacitance Tolerance: +/-20%
Rated Ripplecurrent@100kHz/max. Category Temperatur: 3480 mA rms
Rated Ripplecurrent@120Hz/max. Category Temperatur: 2080 mA rms
Guaranteed Lifetime: 10000 h
Maximum Category Temperature: 105 °C
Minimum Category Temperature: -40 °C
Pitch: 3,5 mm
Pin Type: THT
Diameter: 8 mm
Height:: 60 mm
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Yasunobu Ikuno

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