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Solid State Relays


SSR Relay for PCB mounting and switch cabinet

CODICO's products in this segment encompass 1-3 phase solid state relays for PCB or DIN rail mounting, including both AC and DC versions. Potential application areas include:

  • Heating control systems
  • Motor applications (soft start/stop modules)
  • Rotation reversal
  • Power control applications
  • Control of industrial system components, such as magnet valves, pumps, transformers

Our suppliers in this category Solid State Relays:


CELDUC is a leading specialized manufacturer of semiconductor relays and magnetic sensors. The basic product range comprises 1- to 3-phase solid state relays, motor reversal protection modules and motor soft-start modules.


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DCB technology for SSR Relays to meet highest quality requirements

CELDUC solid state relays are fitted with direct copper bonding (DCB) substrates. The use of DCB technology in combination with wire-bonded power semiconductors enables the products to be 100% machine manufactured, thus ensuring a continuously excellent level of quality. A further advantage of DCB technology is that it reduces thermal resistance between the solid state switching elements and the heat sink.

The obvious benefit to users is that generated heat, which is a factor especially during peak situations like a short circuit or high switch-on currents, is more effectively dissipated. Initial experience shows that DCB technology can deliver up to three times longer operating life compared to conventional solutions – which themselves already provide high operating times.

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