Motor Control & Inverters

This image shows a SMD microchip mounted on a blue PCB board.

Precise Control

The increasing demands on individual application areas require customised motor controls so as to operate devices within an ideal range without exceeding their limits. To regulate the speed and performance of the motors, computerised systems such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) adapted to the individual applications are being developed.

An essential characteristic of motor control lies in the simplicity of its implementation in a system. To meet these tasks, modern and highly sophisticated inverters and frequency converters are being used to control these machines. Using frequency converters, it is possible to achieve a constant powertrain quality. An infinitely variable control of three-phase motors is crucial to the productivity and lifetime of the electrical powertrain.

Our Competence in the Area of Motor Control & Inverters

The two key factors in the development of motor controls are energy efficiency and economy. The experts at CODICO will be happy to support you in the selection of suitable components in the area of passive components and interconnect systems.

We offer a large selection of microcontroller solutions, capacitors, chokes, terminal blocks, relays, inductors, connectors, cable assemblies, and many more. As a design-in distributor, we will be happy to share our experience and discuss the different solution approaches with you.