This picture shows a storage.

Data Are the Raw Material of the Future

In the world we live in today, data are becoming the number one raw material. They are crucial for applications in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning, for the monitoring of machines and installations, or for the storage of private media content.

Since the beginning of the computer age, the challenge of having sufficient storage space available has not changed. Throughout the years, we have been able to increase the number of terabytes available on ever-smaller storage media. In addition to higher density and larger capacity, important parameters for a storage device include high read and write speeds, and longevity. The advance of IoT will also depend on whether we can provide different versions of robust and fail-safe data storage devices.

Our skilled application engineers and product managers will support you in the selection of the appropriate technology for your company. Based on your requirements, specifications, and general conditions, we will define the best-suited solution together with you.

Our Competence in the Area of Storage

In addition to the actual storage devices like SSDs, CODICO also offers a wide range of card connectors and sockets, back panel connectors, ESD protection elements, and suitable cooling solutions. You can resort to the combined know-how of our experts in all the above areas.

As a focused design-in distributor, we can offer you suitable solutions from different storage architectures with different priorities, coupled with the necessary connectors and passive components. CODICO's team receives regular training from the manufacturers to keep up with the latest trends.