Energy/Renewable Energy

This image shows solar panels for the production of solar energy.

Driven by Efficiency and Intelligence

In times of global warming, an increasingly higher priority is given to the way we handle energy and its efficient use. The major challenges involved include the conversion of different energy forms and their permanent availability. When it comes to generating electrical energy in a sustainable way, solar installations and wind power generators with their corresponding inverters are considered the most significant applications in the electronics industry. In addition to the generation of electricity, its short-term and long-term storage plays an essential role. The use of intelligent and low-loss electronics, e.g. in electric powertrains, is indispensable for an efficient energy use. CODICO offers solutions adjusted to your respective requirements, both for power conversion and control.

Challenges in the Area of Energy and Renewable Energy

In the area of energy and renewable energy, a particular focus is the requirements of longevity and efficiency.  The electrolytic capacitors in particular must withstand harsh conditions and stress over several years. Since long-term investments are at stake, the main focus is basically on quality and lifetime. New semiconductor technologies like SiC or GaN MOSFETs do allow for higher efficiency, yet they require special control electronics. The resulting higher frequencies also need corresponding EMC and protective circuitry. It is also important to provide for sufficient reserve when determining the dimensions of components, while avoiding any massive and thus expensive over-specification.


Are you looking for the ideal components for your inverters, drives, and respective sensors and connectivity solutions? The experts at CODICO offer you their full support in the following areas to help you find customized solutions.