Home Appliances/ White Goods

This picture shows a dishwasher/white goods.

Simple Solutions for Living at Home

Cooking, baking, cooling, cleaning, and washing are among a household's classic applications. Today we are witnessing an increasingly versatile use of electric household appliances. Several smart appliances have entered our homes, and new ones are constantly being added. The remaining gaps in the household are being filled with product innovations, while improvements in existing appliances are being implemented at ever shorter intervals.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency as Central Challenges

In our fast-moving times, user-friendly appliances fitted with the corresponding intelligence are an absolute must. Thanks to smart home technologies, people can easily control their home from a smartphone or a tablet. The generic term "domotics" is used to describe the totality of electrical controls in a huge variety of appliances.

In addition to easy handling, energy efficiency is another prerequisite for the operation of electrical household appliances. Therefore, when designing electronic controls, the main focus should be on selecting compact, long-lasting, and affordable components, such as: 

  • Compact capacitors with high current-carrying capacity
  • Inductors with top efficiency rates
  • Relays with low dissipation rates

Apart from comfort and low energy consumption, compliance with quality and safety regulations is of essential importance. VDE-certified and UL-certified components provide developers with the necessary certainty in the design and manufacture of new products.


As a solution-oriented company, we are happy to support you in the selection of the right components. This is where our experience with active and passive components and in interconnect systems comes in handy.