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Interconnected Health

Medical equipment in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions are subject to continuous development. In addition to these improvements, there is a plethora of new technologies that are introducing long-term changes to the healthcare system. Diagnosis and treatment are increasingly moving out of the health care facilities and into the home.

Next to portable devices, smartphones are also being introduced into diagnostics.  Robots are assisting physicians in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients, and they are even disinfecting hospital rooms. Telemedicine will play a vital role in the future, since 5G technology will soon enable online doctor's visits.

Challenges in Medical & Healthcare

Today, medical devices that support artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are changing the healthcare system as we know it.  Artificial intelligence is supporting diagnosis by allowing physicians to take decisions based on a huge amount of collected data.

Initially introduced in consumer electronics, augmented reality has now found its way into important healthcare applications such as, for instance, surgery simulations and patient treatment. Nanotechnology or microrobots are also very promising developments.

Having one's personal data available online has now become the new normal. People are increasingly willing to use new technologies to exchange details about their life, including their health and well-being. This new trend is backed by devices like wearables, fitness trackers, and other portable gear such as bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors or glucose meters.


As a design-in distributor, CODICO will help you cope with the challenges of developing your electronic medical equipment, be it for treatment, diagnosis, or interconnected health applications.