Battery Charging & Management

This image shows a battery supply icon on a digital background.

Safety Above All

Whether in electric cars, e-bikes, lawnmowers, tools or medical devices, a battery management system (BMS) plays a vital role in mobile, battery-powered applications. It's not only about tracking and processing battery-related data needed to control the charging and discharging of the battery. Instead, BMS makes an indispensable contribution to keeping the entire system as safe as possible, so as to protect man and machine from harm in case of error. Should a critical error occur, BMS safely powers down the battery system, interrupts the electric circuits, and informs the user about the error.

The applications are diverse, and so is the structure of BMS. In essence, however, there are two main areas: a hardware and a software structure. In small and medium currents, BMS is capable of handling switching processes by itself. For larger currents, BMS is often part of a power distribution unit (PDU). When galvanically isolated, the PDU is also capable of measuring and switching the highest currents and voltages.

Our Competence in Battery Management Systems

CODICO offers a large selection of relevant components for battery management systems. These include shunt resistors, fuses, ESD protection components, PTCs, NTCs, all types of connectors and interfaces, cable assemblies, busbars, I/O modules, mode chokes, power transformers, relays, sensors, capacitors, and many more. As a design-in distributor, our primary task is to take a holistic approach to the "battery" system. Due to its irreplaceable wealth of experience, CODICO is capable of combining assemblies and offering them as optimised, plug-and-play systems.

By thinking out of the box and proactively proposing new ideas, our approach goes far beyond simple outsourcing. Developments from a pencil drawing to the finished product are also possible. To achieve this, CODICO's specialists for active and passive components and interconnect systems combine their expertise to make a significant contribution to the success of your project.