This image shows a young woman who controls the light in her smart home with a tablet.

The Right Light for Well-Being and Safety

The triumphant success of LED technology has heralded a completely new era in lighting. In addition to the light source itself, the new technology uses sensors and controls that adapt light to different needs, also adding intelligent features. Lighting technology is used in numerous areas such as automotive, residential/smart home or industrial applications.

CODICO will support you in the selection of components for the LED drivers themselves, and will also offer sensors and solutions for the connection from the light source to the control. Automotive technology requires components certified according to the IATF or AEC-Q200 standards. Here too, CODICO offers a wide range of active and passive components.

Our Competence in the Area of Lighting Technology

The components used in lighting technology need to meet certain requirements. LED longevity makes absolutely no sense if the components in the converters don't play along and fail prematurely. Exact operating conditions are essential for correct colour rendering and a long life cycle. In addition to switching regulators, inductors, and shunt resistors for current measurement, CODICO primarily offers capacitors that can perfectly cope with the prevailing currents and high temperatures. 

Our strength lies our ability to propose the ideal components for your application as a whole. As a complementary service to our lighting technology range, we also support you in the selection of sensors for presence, movement, or environmental factor detection.