HomePlug Green Phy for Electric Vehicles

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Modules and Chips Configured for PEV

CODICO offers ISO/IEC 15118/ DIN 70121/ SAE J2847/2 HomePlug Green Phy PLC Modules and Chips, configured for eMobility applications on the vehicle side (PEV, Plug-In Electric Vehicles).

Today, vehicles are mainly charged with alternating current. As a rule, one phase with 230V and max. 16A is available, which corresponds to approx. 3.3kW. A charging process therefore takes several hours. For this type of charging, only a little signalling using a PWM signal is necessary. When charging an electric vehicle with direct current, the alternating current is already converted into a direct current of high voltage, e.g. to 700V, at the charging station. The vehicle battery is thus charged directly with very high currents, so that charging stations with 25kW to 350kW are no longer uncommon. Such high-power charging makes it possible to shorten the charging time to just a few minutes.

In contrast to AC charging, however, DC charging requires determining the battery's charging level, its temperature and its charging capacity and transmitting this information from the vehicle to the charging station. This requires secure and functioning communication between the two.

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Choose Between ICs, Modules and Evaluation Boards

In the field of ISO/IEC 15118/ DIN 70121/ SAE J2847/2 communication, it is essential to tweak the signal-to-noise ratio to a maximum. CODICO offers a broad portfolio of modules, chips and solutions configured for PEV side applications, and can support you in all areas of implementation.

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8DEVICES was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a private holding company with now more than 110 employees. 8DEVICES focuses on the development and production of module solutions for Wi-Fi applications. Since 2016, they have been an official ADC (Authorized Design Center) partner of QUALCOMM with the license and experience to provide in-depth technical support for custom designs. In addition to Wi-Fi, 8DEVICES has also been offering PLC module solutions since 2022, all of which are also based on QUALCOMM technology.

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DEVOLO enables smart connectivity and inspires businesses as well as consumers to embrace the opportunities of our digital world. The main business area is solutions based on Powerline Communications (PLC), which use existing wiring for data transmission.

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INSYS icom

INSYS icom develops routers, gateways and managed services "Made in Germany" for secure industrial data communication, networking and smart charging of electric vehicles with passion. NSYS thus supports enthusiastic customers in realizing their digitization and IoT projects profitably.

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QUALCOMM is a fabless semiconductor company, headquartered in San Diego, California and a global leader in cellular and wireless communications for the consumer, automotive and industrial markets. CODICO has been working with Qualcomm for over 20 years and we are now their largest distributor in Europe. Our long standing partnership with Qualcomm means we can offer our customers access to the entire portfolio of leading edge technologies including their latest SoC platforms with market leading 5G, AI, XR technologies.

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SEVENSTAX is a software specialist with a wide range of protocol stack implementations, specifically designed for the use in embedded systems. All embedded software products are developed in-house based on the SEVENSTAX quality criteria.

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