Power Inductors

 Power Inductors are part of CODICOs product range.

For Power Supplies of Electronic Devices

Power inductors/ power chokes are mainly used in the field of power supplies of electrical and electronic devices. Our power inductor manufacturers offer a wide range of technologies to suit your application.

Inductors are divided into ferrite inductors, hybrid inductors and iron powder inductors.

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Ferrite Inductors:

The ferrite core is wound with a copper wire and designed with/without additional shielding, depending on the variant. Semi-shielded versions are also available.


  • very long established on the market
  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • higher inductance values with a comparatively small design.

Hybrid Inductors:

The basic design of hybrid inductors, is based on the principle of ferrite inductors. The materials of the two ferrite cores are optimized and various alloys are combined. As a result, better electrical properties can be realized with the same design.


  • see advantages ferrite inductors
  • closes the performance and price gap between ferrite and iron powder technology

Iron Powder Inductors:

The iron powder mixture is molded into shape around an air coil. In this way, very compact inductors with relatively high current carrying capacity can be manufactured.


  • smooth saturation curve
  • temperature-stable behavior
  • higher saturation and RMS currents possible compared to similar ferrite solutions

Metal Alloy Inductors

For Automotive Applications

With EATON and PANASONIC Industry, CODICO provides a wide range of power inductors with focus on the metal alloy technology. The metal composite powder inductors have relevant benefits and offer magnificent DC bias features, high current capability and reliability as well as ability to withstand high vibration.

With the metal alloy technology and structure, CODICO is able to cover the automotive market applications, started from interior (e.g. infotainment and connectivity systems…) till engine systems as well as DC/DC converters, embedded computer, home appliance and renewable energy.

Manufacturers & Contacts

The EATON company logo.


EATON Electronics is a part of the multinational EATON corporation. The whole corporation develops and produces components and systems for a wide range of markets, while the EATON Electronics Division is specialized in electronic components.

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Sebastian Gebhart +43 186 305-205 E-MAIL


ELYTONE is a Taiwanese manufacturer for customized Winding Components. The in-house research and development departments in Taiwan and China support the realization of the same. The IATF16949 certification of the Chinese production site enables the company to manufacture products for the automotive market.

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Sebastian Gebhart +43 186 305-205 E-MAIL
The MPS company logo.


Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) is amongst the globally leading suppliers in the power-management area. The broad portfolio contains eg DC/DC-converters and -modules, PMICs, battery-management-ICs, current-sensors, AC/DC-converter-ICs, motordrivers as well as angle-sensors and, newly added, even inductors for the DC/DC-converters.  Target markets are mainly industrial, automotive, telecom-infrastructure, cloud-computing and consumer-applications.

Find here an overview of MPS DC DC Converter

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Sebastian Gebhart +43 186 305-205 E-MAIL
The PANASONIC company logo.


PANASONIC is a big Japanese manufacturer with different business areas like automotive with multi-media products, Manufacturing with electronic components mounting systems or industrial robots and finally the Industrial Business Group with electronic components. CODICO's main focus is on polymer and hybrid capacitors, metal alloy inductors and precision and measurement resistors.

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Sebastian Gebhart +43 186 305-205 E-MAIL


SAGAMI Elec is one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of special winding components. Among other things, SAGAMI focuses on niche applications and offers products for the high-end sector. The power chokes for LPF in Class-D amplifier applications in the automotive and consumer sector are SAGAMI's flagship products. Furthermore, the specialization also includes inductors with increased DC dielectric strength up to 600V, for e.g. non-isolated HV-Buck applications.

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Sebastian Gebhart +43 186 305-205 E-MAIL
The SUMIDA company logo.


SUMIDA is one of the leading manufacturers of inductive components and flexible connection technologies. The product portfolio includes individual products, ready-made solutions for the automotive, electrical, and electronics industries. SUMIDA develops, produces and markets inductive components, flexible connection technologies, modules, component groups and complete systems.

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