This image shows a laptop, tablet and smartphones, connected via Wi-Fi.

Trends in Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics products are becoming more and more sophisticated, offering an ever increasing number of new and improved functions.  This breathtaking development is putting consumer electonics manufacturers under enormous time pressure when it comes to new generations of their products equipped with improved technology.

The conversion from analogue to digital has led to a plethora of new audio and video standards, significantly improving the quality and availability of the digital multimedia experience. In addition, the growing availability of broadband has made access to media easier and more practical for consumers. The excellent user experience made possible by the digital revolution is pushing progress in consumer electronics even further.

Challenges in Consumer Electronics

We would like to highlight three topics in connection with the challenges in consumer electronics: Always-on, media and data convergence, and in-home entertainment.

  1. Always-on: Consumers want to remain connected both at home and when travelling. In the past, users accessed their e-mails and the Internet mainly from laptops.  With the spread of terrestrial and mobile broadcasting services for handheld devices and of wireless broadband connectivity (WiFi, LTE and, in the foreseeable future, 5G), people now have access to audio, video, and data increasingly from mobile devices. These include mobile telephones, tablets, and portable media players. To keep pace with consumer demand, the manufacturers of these mobile devices must constantly update their technology features.
  2. Media and data convergence: Traditionally, a distinction is made between data-centred devices like PCs or laptops, and media-centred devices like televisions and portable media players. This line is becoming increasingly blurred as consumers are demanding products that can cope with both systems. Moreover, new systems with integrated voice control are entering the scene, elevating user-friendliness to a whole new level.
  3. In-home entertainment: Home cinema's popularity is on the rise, leading to investments in new devices and their interconnection using 6th-generation Wi-Fi and the latest bluetooth technologies.  And there is also a constant adaptation of human-machine interfaces. CODICO is well-positioned in this area with a large number of suppliers, and will be happy to support you in your design implementation throughout the entire project cycle.


To help you stay abreast of the challenges in the area of consumer electronics, CODICO offers optimised solutions for the applications listed below. Our experts will be happy to help you find the solution best-suited to your needs.